October 1, 2021

Coming Back Strong

Like the rest of his teammates, redshirt junior midfielder Carter Beaulieu has bounced back from the Syracuse match in more ways than one


Following the 7-0 setback, he noticed that his cleats were worn out. While the Bearcats have since turned the page on that match, so too has Beaulieu with his cleats.

“On the bus ride after the game at Syracuse, the sole of my cleat was off the actual cleat,” he said. “I need to make a quick decision so I went out and found a pair in my size.”

The color of his cleats was a loud orange-reddish color, but looks were irrelevant at that point.

“It was time for a new start,” he said. “The sole coming off the cleat on the bus ride back from Syracuse kind of summed up the night.”

Beaulieu has had to rebound in other ways. After starring at nearby Vestal High School, his first year on the team was an adjustment.

“I wasn’t playing as much as I had during high school but that definitely got me to work harder,” he said. “It got me to where I am today.”

Beaulieu worked his way into a starting role last year but was injured at the start of the preseason this fall. He has since returned to form and played a pivotal role in Saturday’s win over Stony Brook.

“We have a lot a great depth this year,” he said. “People on the team have stepped up when other guys have gotten injured. It’s a long season. People get knocks during the year and you have to have the depth.”

Growing up in the area, Beaulieu was at the Bearcats Sports Complex when the team played in front of large crowds. Being on the field this past Saturday in front of a sold-out crowd was everything he envisioned when he decided to come to Binghamton.

“Seeing the line of people waiting to get in to the game on Saturday was awesome,” he said. “It was everything that I dreamed of.”

Social Media Update

Courtesy of our men’s soccer Instagram account, click here for some final photos from Family Weekend.

By the Numbers

The Bearcats went 4-2-0 in September – its’s best mark since going 4-2-2 back in 2018.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: October 1, 2005

A goal by Graham Murno leads the Bearcats to a 1-0 win over Maine at the old West Gym Field.

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September 29, 2021

Mid-Week Updates

We’ve hit the middle of the second straight open week for the Bearcats – so here are some quick hits on the team from these past few days.

First, we caught out with Carter Beaulieu after training on Wednesday. Click here for his interview.

Great to see our local media covering our great start to the season. Click here for photos from today’s interview session.

Red Letter Date: September 29

It was 14 years ago today that the first men’s soccer match was played at the Bearcats Sports Complex — and it remains one of the best. Cameron Keith recorded a hat trick as Binghamton beat Cornell 3-0 before 1,862 fans. Click here for a photo from that iconic game. 

That match certainly makes our list of best games at the Bearcats Sports Complex – as does the next one on Homecoming Weekend in which Keith scored in overtime against Boston.

This past weekend’s win has the potential to be on that list — but it depends on where the Bearcats go from here.

Speaking of 1,800 Fans …

That is exactly what the Bearcats have averaged over their first two matches of the season.

Home Sweet Home

Dating back to Oct. 26, 2019, Binghamton is 6-1-0 at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

A Final Word

Every time a member of the men’s soccer program has a birthday, the players toss the honoree into the air three times. Tomorrow, that honor belongs to this blogger. Not sure if I will be around at training – but I am sure the guys will get to me at some point.

Being a part of this program has been one of the most rewarding parts of my work at Binghamton University. And they have made my birthdays over the year a part of those good memories. 

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September 27, 2021

Family Weekend Recap

In its biggest win of the season to date, Binghamton defeated Stony Brook 1-0 on Family Weekend on Saturday before 2,605 fans at the Bearcats Sports Complex.  

Plenty to go over from this one – starting with some thoughts from the post game tailgate.

Michael Bush

“The crowd was great today. It was a pleasure to have them back in the stands. They were energetic and it was great to have them.”

“We’ve worked really hard in training to protect leads. The group has come together as a whole, which you need to do late in the matches. Every game and practice we learn something and we continue to work our hardest.”

“It’s always great to have Carter out on the field. He was out for a while with an injury. But every time he steps onto the field he has a presence, whether he is on the ball or off the ball. He brings a lot of energy and he is great all the way around.”

“We want to make sure we are fresh for next Saturday. We want to make sure our touches are clean and that everyone is working well together.”

Dan Mansfield

“It was great to have that many people out today. Family Weekend usually has a big crowd and playing in front of that many people is really fun.”

“We have developed a willingness to win. We come out here and fight for each other.”

“It was definitely nice to have the open week heading into today. Open weeks give us a chance to rest up and focus on our game plan.”

Reading List

Click here for the Pipe Dream’s recap of the Stony Brook victory.

Speaking of Families

Click here for a photo gallery of some of our families following the victory, courtesy of our men’s soccer Instagram account.

Video Recap

If you have yet to see our video recap of Family Weekend, click here.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 27, 2006

Ibrahim Yusuf scores the game winner as the Bearcat beat New Hampshire 1-0 at the old West Gym Field.

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September 24, 2021

Family Weekend

No matter what Binghamton players come through this weekend against Stony Brook, a game ball should be presented to someone the greater public might not know.

Linda Solomons works with the Parent and Family Group on campus. One of her big tasks is to coordinate all of the activities on campus for Family Weekend at Binghamton University. Since taking over her post in 2017, Solomons has helped promote the athletic events on campus during Family Weekend.

In 2018, she and her staff really outdid themselves in regards to the men’s soccer team’s match against No. 23 New Hampshire. A pregame picnic was arranged for the parents and families of Binghamton students prior to the match against the Wildcats. Head coach Paul Marco was invited to address the gathering and a crowd of 3,265 fans came to the Events Center to watch the Bearcats beat New Hampshire 2-1.

The men’s soccer team wasn’t home during Family Weekend in 2019 and of course last fall’s Family Weekend was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year, fall sports are back, Family Weekend is on and the men’s soccer team is home.

Another full house is expected at the Bearcats Sports Complex and the hope is for another Bearcat victory. But either way, take in the crowd and atmosphere tomorrow and remember the name Linda Solomons. She and her staff will deserve a lot of credit for the turnout.

To learn more about the Binghamton Parent and Family Group on campus, click here.

Looking Back

Three years ago, Noah Luescher was the star of Family Weekend on campus. He had a goal and an assist in the Bearcats 2-1 win over New Hampshire. And he did it in front of his family from Switzerland.

Click here for the article we wrote about him afterwards.

Looking Back, Part 2

Another memorable Family Weekend victory came in 2017, when the Bearcats held on to first place in the America East with a 2-1 win over UMBC. Click here for the recap.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 24, 2016

Speaking of big crowds, five years ago today was Homecoming Day for the Bearcats and a crowd of 1,801 fans watched their 3-0 win over Buffalo.

Nikkos Psarras scored twice in the victory.

Click here for the recap

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September 23, 2021

A Week of Training

For the first time all season, the Bearcats have an open week. It’s a time to focus not on the next opponent (yet) but getting better as a team.

We caught up with P.J. Parker before Tuesday’s session. Click here for the interview.

Also, check out a video from training this week by clicking here.

Alumni Feedback

We caught up with 2007 alum Adam Chavez, who shared his thoughts on the team’s run to start the season.

“As a Bearcat Alum and an Endicott native I am very pleased to see the team off to a great start.  I have always been connected to the local area and know the importance the University has on its overall success.  It’s great seeing local lads playing for the program and seeing them succeed.  One thing I see from the team this year that seems to be a bit more elevated is their collective fight.  It was one of the staples of my tenure there that drove us to being in 4 straight America East Conference Championships. I have been lucky enough to watch most of this year’s games on TV which has really allowed me to stay close to the action even with so many road games.  Their success is no doubt due to all the hard work the lads put in over the summer months and the way Paul and Tommy brought them together through pre-season.  I look forward to their upcoming home games and being able to bring my family to the place where I shared so many great memories and successes with the Bearcat program.   The environment at the complex looks electric and I can see the team continuing their success with their large fan base by their side.  GO BEARCATS!”

Social Media Update

In honor of us playing on Family Weekend – click here for photos from our 2018 Family Weekend win over nationally-ranked New Hampshire.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 23, 2017

The Bearcats won 5-1 at Canisius with their highest goal total in three years. Haris Brkovic led the Bearcats with a pair of goals.

Three of those goals came in a span of 2:30.

Click here for the recap.

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September 21, 2021

Cat Couples

From time to time, our athletic department runs a series of articles on Binghamton athletes who have gotten married. We have had quite a few men’s soccer players featured in these pieces.

It’s on that note that we congratulate 2012 men’s soccer alum Ryan Walter who got married this weekend to 2012 women’s soccer alum Taylor Kucharski. Taylor’s older brother Kyle played for the Bearcats from 2006-09 and was on hand for the wedding this weekend. So too were several men’s and women’s soccer alums.

Click here for a group photo of Ryan, Taylor, Kyle and the rest of their fellow Bearcat alums.

Walter was a two-year captain for the Bearcats (2010 and 2011) and was consistently on the America East Commissioner’s Honor Roll. He was twice named second-team all-conference.

But our favorite memory of Walter came during his freshman season in a home match against Bucknell. He already had made it onto the starting team even though the Bearcats had a veteran squad that year.

Walter’s aggressive style of play won the admiration of his new teammates but on that night, a Bucknell player shoved him to the ground after a battle for a loose ball. Walter declined to retaliate and the Bison player was booked with a yellow card.

The following week, as Walter told us, he had people he didn’t know on campus coming up to him saying that he should have fought the Bucknell player who shoved him. He told us that if he did, he’d be in trouble with Coach Marco.

Walter and the Bearcats advanced to the 2008 title game later that season. A year later, Taylor and the women’s squad advanced to the 2009 title game. Both of them has significant impacts on their programs.

In Walter’s final two seasons, the Bearcats’ starting goalkeeper was Chris Hayen. In the years following graduation, he married Binghamton volleyball alum Jen Fiorentino. Click here for a 2019 profile on the two of them.

Hayen is busy with his job as a police officer and his family, which includes one son and a second child due next month. Still, he closely follows this year’s Bearcat squad and is excited about how the team has done so far.

“As an alum I’m incredibly proud of the boys,” he said. “Coming off of a year plus of no contest, the new regulations and the constant changing that’s happening now a days it looks like the boys haven’t missed a beat. When they come out to play like this, it makes it so easy to brag about being a part of the program’s history. I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow and succeed.”

Earlier this year, we also profiled 2008 men’s soccer alum Justin Leskow and his wife Ali Castigle, a 2011 women’s lacrosse alum. Click here for the article.

Social Media Update

Click here for a feature graphic on how Ethan Homler stacks up against the America East stat leaders.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 21, 2019

Family Weekend is coming up on Saturday – which we will get into later this week. But two years ago today was the Homecoming match. The Bearcats tied Monmouth 0-0 and remained winless against them all time.

That obviously changed this past weekend.

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September 20, 2021

Weekend Wrap Up

The days in between the Syracuse and Monmouth matches were perhaps the most critical of the season for the Bearcats so far. After suffering a 7-0 setback at Syracuse, Binghamton responded with perhaps its best performance of the year on Saturday at Monmouth.

Here were some of the thoughts from the bus ride home

P.J. Parker

“I’m glad we could get back to form today and end the string of road games on a high note. We have a big week ahead to get ready for our conference opener against Stony Brook. We’re all excited to finally be back at home.”

Noah Luescher

“I am beyond proud of the response the team had today. Massive win to close the long spell of road games. We also had a lot of young guys get some playing time today and I think they did a great job and rose to the occasion. Great team win against a good Monmouth team.”

Ethan Homler

“We can’t ask for a better response from the team after a rough defeat. A clean sheet away against a tough opponent leading into conference play. The team is absolutely buzzing and we now shift our focus to stony Brook next Saturday.”


Hard to believe that Monmouth is one of the few Division I regional opponents that the Bearcats had never beaten. The series was 1-0-2 Monmouth heading into Saturday’s game.

Finally – Part 2

This is the week that Binghamton returns home to play at the Bearcats Sports Complex. The time between the St. Bonaventure match and the Stony Brook match will be 26 days.

Finally – Part 3

For the first time all season, Binghamton has an open week. The longest the Bearcats have gone between matches so far this season has been five days.

Reading List

Click here for the Pipe Dream’s recap of the win over Monmouth.

The rest of the America East teams got their conference seasons underway this weekend. Click here for the standings and results.

 Ethan Homler, who scored his third game-winning goal of the season at Monmouth, continues to rank among the conference leaders in scoring. Click here for the latest statistics.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 20, 2005

The Bearcats beat Oneonta 3-0 at home to improve to 6-1-1 on the season.

Posted September 20, 2021 at 11:30 a.m.

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

A Welcome Addition

By any measure, Harrison Wiliams had led an extraordinary professional life.

He recently retired as a teacher in New York City after four decades. He has not only coached boys’ and girls’ high school soccer – but also basketball, golf and softball. He has even served as the athletic director at his school for a few years.

For the past two decades, Williams has known Binghamton head coach Paul Marco in the professional circles of the coaching ranks. He has received certifications from the United Soccer Coaches and has worked locally with the BC United program.

“I have known Harrison for a very long time and he is very knowledgeable,” Marco said. “I have been thinking about bringing him aboard for a long time. He is well-liked by the guys and is a good friend. It was a no-brainer.”

“I took several of my coaching classes with Paul, so I have known him for a while,” Williams said. “When I moved to the area, he asked if I would help out with the club team. He then asked me if I would observe the Bearcat training sessions when they were at the dome on Route 434 last winter.”

Williams and Marco went out for breakfast after some of those training sessions to talk about what he observed. Eventually, the conversation steered towards him joining the team.

“I was glad he asked me,” Williams said. “I have seen the team improve since last winter, even though there were a lot of ups and downs with COVID. I have been really impressed with how disciplined the team has been.”

If there is one area Williams needs to improve upon, however, it’s his golf game. At last month’s Bearcat Open, he was paired with the rest of the coaching staff – which has won the event almost every year. According to several sources, Wiliams’ putting led to the demise of the coaches’ chances to win the event.

“I let Paul down,” he admitted. “We could have nailed the championship but I left my last putt two feet short. But it was a fun event and was great for bonding.

We asked Coach Marco if Williams did in fact let the team down.

“He totally did,” Marco said without hesitation.

Posted September 15, 2021 at 2 p.m.

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

Canisius Wrap Up

Three goals and a fourth victory.

The Bearats won their second straight road game on Saturday night and are now off to their best start since 2007.

We caught up with some of the player on the bus ride home to get their reactions:

Noah Luescher

“Great win again today on the road. We were amazing in the first half and didn’t let them in the game at all. They put a little more pressure on us in the second half and had higher intensity but very proud of the whole team to secure the win and go 4-1!”

Ethan Homler

“It was another great result for the team today. Great first half from the boys but couldn’t keep the same level in the second. Grabbing back to back wins on the road is massive and it gives great confidence going into conference play in a few weeks.”

Almost a Career High

Homler’s three-point game was his best performance of the year – but not his career. That would be his two-goal game against Columbia in 2019. Click here for the recap.

9-11 Talk

Every September 11, Keith Augeri talks to his social studies students about the men’s soccer game Binghamton played on Sept. 12, 2001 – one day after the 9-11 attacks. Binghamton and Stony Brook were scheduled to play Sept. 11 but that game was postponed. With Stony Brook unable to return to campus, the decision was made to play the game on the 12th.

We talked with Augeri after his talk on Friday and he said it went well.

Posted September 12, 2021 at 3:15 p.m.

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SEPTEMBER 9-10, 2021

Defending His Turf

Kosta Nika has been one of the most versatile players on the Bearcats since he arrived on campus as a freshman. He played up front and in the midfield. This year, however, is part of the Bearcat back line.

“I have enjoyed playing right-back so far this season,” he said. “Coach Marco trusted me enough to play this role so that I could help support the team on defense, but also provide a different look for when we have the ball because of my experience in higher positions. I have taken this opportunity to be a versatile player as a challenge that motivates me every time I step onto the pitch.”

Nika is now an upperclassman on the team and has made it a priority to be a leader to the younger players.

“As upperclassman, I think it is important for us to lead by example for the younger guys because of the experience that we carry into everyday situations as not only athletes — but students as well. Regardless of what level these players were at before, college soccer matches are much more intense and require much more physical demands. It is important that the freshmen pick up on this quickly in order to adapt and benefit the squad with their strengths.”

During his freshman and sophomore years, Nika played a part in two games that remain his favorite moments as a Bearcat.

“I am stuck between two of my favorite moments at Binghamton either being the Family Weekend victory against New Hampshire in 2018 — because of how many people were in attendance supporting our team —  and the 3-2 comeback against Stony Brook in 2019,” he said. “These two moments felt as if there was nothing else on anybody’s mind other than securing a victory and playing for our teammates next to us.”

Since arriving at Binghamton, Nika has no doubt that he has improved as a player.

“I have definitely gained much strength and endurance since I have been at Binghamton which is beneficial for college soccer matches,” he said. ” However, I have also gained a lot of insight into the game that I didn’t necessarily consider before coming here. Not only do I focus on the ball and what to do with it when I am defending or attacking but, I also think about where my teammates are and how much of an impact I can have on them just by moving into different spaces and thinking about the play a couple steps ahead.”

20 Years Later

We want to pay tribute to the 2001 Binghamton men’s soccer team.

Twenty years ago, they were scheduled to play Stony Brook on September 11, 2001. Due to the attacks, the match was postponed. When Stony Brook was unable to return to campus, the match was played the following day.

Both the Bearcats and Seawolves saw the match as a healing moment. But it took courage as well to play it.

Here is hoping all the alums on both teams are doing well today.

Posted September 10, 2021 at 2:30 p.m.

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SEPTEMBER 7-8, 2021

Final Thoughts from Siena

We caught up with the team last night on the bus ride home from Siena. Here is what they had to say following the victory:

Noah Luescher

“I’m very proud of this group of guys and where we are at this point. It was a hard fought win against a good young team that held their own even after the red card.”

Will Noecker

“It was great to get this win on the road, they gave us a hard match but we fought well and came out on top. We’ll use this game to gain some momentum going into the next couple road games.”

Kosta Nika

“It was a great game to bounce back from Niagara and we embraced the opportunity to play the ball on the ground and connect more with our teammates. Extremely proud of the boys and first shutout of the season.”

Devin Heanue

“I’m happy we were able to get the win and have a clean sheet against a hard working team. While this result is important, I think everyone is already focused and getting ready for the games to come and continuing to build as a team.”

Road Warriors

Binghamton has won two out of its first three road games – its best start since going 2-0-2 in its first four road games in 2016

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 8

Would you beleive that the last three times Binghamton has played in this date have all been ties? 1-1 against St. Bonaventure in 2004, 2-2 against Florida International in 2006 and 0-0 against George Mason in 2013.

Posted September 8, 2021 at 3:30 p.m.

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Odds and Ends

Happy Labor Day everyone.

We took Friday as our day off from blogging and are back today.

A few miscellaneous items before the match against Siena tomorrow…

Thoughts from the Bus

We caught up with Will Noecker following the 2-1 loss at Niagara to get his thoughts:

“I think after a poor first half from everyone the team really responded well in the second half and came out with more energy and urgency and played a good second half it’s just unfortunate to not get the goals we needed to come back. I think we’ll learn a lot from the loss against Niagara, we’ll prepare well for Siena and be ready to come out with good energy and play our game on Tuesday night to hopefully get the win and bounce back from the loss.”

America East Statistics

Oliver Svalander and Mats Roorda are both ranked in the current America East statistics. Roorda for saves per game and Svalander for goals, goal per game and points per game. Click here to access the rankings. 

This Day In Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 6, 2013

We think you will recognize the player in this photo — assistant coach Tommy Moon during his playing days. He scored the game winner eight years ago as the Bearcats beat American 1-0 for their first win of the year.

Posted September 6, 2021 at 4:45 p.m.

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Striking with Consistency

Junior forward Ethan Homler has stood out since the Bearcats returned to campus for preseason back on August 10.

He scored a goal in each of the two Bearcat preseason games and netted the Bearcats’ first goal against St. Bonaventure on Monday night. He nearly had multiple goals against Colgate in the season opener.

Simply put, he has been a shining star up front for the Bearcats.

But there is another way Homler has stood out on the field – and that involves his shoes. He has sported a pair of bright pink shoes the past two seasons – but for reasons that have little to do with being self-promoting.

“My mom told me she had a hard time picking me out on the field,” he said. “We all get the same shoes at the start of the season so she is asked me if I could get a pair to make me stand out more easily. I told her I would and I got the brightest pair I could possibly find.”

On the field, Homler’s play has stood out the past two seasons. His breakthrough game was against Columbia in 2019. He scored both goals in the Bearcats’ 2-1 win and he vividly remembers how many people reached out to him afterwards.

“I got a lot of congratulations messages that night,” he said. “It was definitely a special feeling.”

Homler has continued to find the back of the net since that match but he feels his overall play has evolved in other ways.

“In the off-season I was in the gym a lot,” he said. “I also have worked on my pace and got a bag of balls after the training sessions to work on my repetitions and finishing.”

Off the field, Homler is seeking to be a leader to the younger players now that he is an upperclassman.

“I’m always trying to set a good example for the younger guys,” he said. “In the locker room I try to talk to them and give them any advice that I have learned.”

Besides working on his own game, Homler has been grateful for the Bearcat midfielders who have set him up for success. After Monday’s win against St. Bonaventure, he gave them a lot of credit.

“They have been terrific,” he said. “From Day One this preseason we have been working a lot on our attack and bringing the ball up the field. The more sessions we have, the more the midfielders and attackers have become comfortable in playing together.”

On another note, the more sessions the team has together, the more they get used to a certain pair of pink cleats.

“At first my teammates thought they were a little too bright but they have gotten used to them,” he said. “As long I keep using them to score goals, that’s what matters.”

Getting Ready for Niagara

We caught up with Parker McKnight to talk about the state of the Bearcats heading into tomorrow night’s match at Niagara. Click here for his interview.

Elsewhere on Campus

Speaking of Parker, his two sisters and the rest of the Bearcat women’s team is 2-1-1 right now and play at Syracuse tonight. Click here for the match preview.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 2, 2007

Binghamton improves to 2-0-0 with a 1-0 win over Winthrop in the final round of the Radford Invitational. Binghamton eventually raised its record to start the year at a perfect 5-0-0.

Posted September 2, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

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Coming a Long Way

For the men’s soccer team, Rory Anderson’s goal was special in many ways.

For Anderson himself, however, his first career goal had extra meaning. It capped a two-year journey from when he first arrived on campus back in August 2019.

In his rookie season, Anderson was injured and then last season, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. For a while, it seemed like nothing was falling into place for him.

“My first year, I picked up a nasty concussion and was out for nearly a year,” he said. “And then we didn’t have our full fall season (in 2020). So it’s nice to finally be in the mix and prove my worth.”

With the setbacks of the past two years, Anderson had plenty of motivation this past summer to get ready for the season.

“I came across the world (from his native Scotland) to do this,” he said. “So I wanted to prove I belonged here. It’s nice to see my work pay off so far but we have a long season to go and I’m hungry to keep helping the team more.”

Two years into his Binghamton career, Anderson has no doubt that his game has improved.

“I’ve tried to take the technical side into my game,” he said. “It was something I needed to work on when I first got here.

When Anderson arrived from Scotland his freshman year, he found a welcoming family in the Binghamton men’s soccer program.

“It’s been fantastic,” he said. “The coaches and teammates have shown me a lot of support since I have gotten here.”

Speaking of support, Anderson has plenty of it back home in Scotland. His father was up watching the overtime win over Colgate despite the time zone difference.

“My dad was watching the game at five in the morning,” he said. “It was a really nice feeling seeing the text messages come in from them after I scored even through the time difference was so big.”

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: September 1, 2009

A red-letter day in Binghamton men’s soccer history.

Kyle Kucharski assisted on all three goals as the Bearcats rally for a 3-2 win over Syracuse in their season opener. The crowd of 2,063 fans remains the seventh-highest total in the 14-year history of the Bearcats Sports Complex.

Social Media Update

Our 2021 team photo was taken after kickaround on Monday. Check it out here.

Posted September 1, 2021 at 4:40 p.m.

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AUGUST 31, 2021

The Taste of Victory

The Binghamton men’s soccer team made the most of its first fall game – and first with fans – since November 2019. Before 1,006 fans, the Bearcats beat St. Bonaventure 2-1 to improve to 2-0-0 on the season. It matches their best start since 2019.

Here was the reaction from the team afterwards:

Noah Luescher

“It was a great crowd tonight. It’s always great to have big crowds out at our games. I hope it will be this way when it gets a little colder.”

“We were hoping to get the clean sheet tonight but the guys worked very hard and we are now 2-0. Friday is Niagara and we got to keep working.”

“Mats (Roorda) is doing great right now. He is a wall back there and we are really glad to have him. He also two guys (P.J. Parker and Ryan McGovern) who are pushing him hard at practice so we are really pleased with the guys in the back.”

Sean Molloy

“It was huge to get that second goal right after the first one. It was much different than in the past when we would let down after scoring.”

“St. Bonaventure made some adjustments in the second half and I don’t think we were ready for it but we still got the victory and that is what matters.”

Michael Bush

“Mats is always solid back in the goal. He is someone you can trust and does his job very well. We are very secure with him back there.”

“One of the things we were working on this off season is being comfortable with each other. You got to get through the hardships together. So when we were holding on to the 2-1 lead, we came together as a family and finished the match.”

Return of the Fans – and the Food

It’s wasn’t just the fans coming back to the Bearcats Sports Complex. It was also the post-game tailgates that were able to be held outdoors again. That came as welcome news to the Bearcats.

“It’s great to get together like this again after the matches,” Luescher said. “Eating together and enjoying time after a win is great.”

“I’ve missed these so much,” Bush said. “You can never get enough of the Swedish meatballs.”

The aforementioned Swedish meatballs were the highlight of the post -game meal, with plenty of pizza, salad and cookies as well.

Speaking of the Fans…

The Binghamton women’s soccer team has emerged as the most vocal fans in the stands during the men’s games this season. They were in the stands for the two preseason games and were in mid-season form last night.

We asked the women’s players who the ringleader of the group was.

“All of us,” was the reply we got.

In the post-game interviews, the players acknowledged that while they attend the women’s games – their spirit is not as strong.

After playing before a vocal crowd at Colgate last Thursday, however, we asked Molloy if the women’s team would rival the Raiders’ fans.

 “It would be close,” he said after a long pause.

Social Media Update

Click here for the video of the Bearcats celebrating with their fans after the win

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: August 31, 2012

The Bearcats win 2-0 at Buffalo

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AUGUST 30, 2021

Home Sweet Home: Match Day vs. St. Bonaventure

After defeating Colgate and a loud crowd of 1,213 on Thursday night in Hamilton, the Binghamton men’s soccer team will be pretty glad to play in front of their own fans on Monday.

The match against the Bonnies is the first time that fans will be allowed in the Bearcats Sports Complex since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After missing the fans at the Bearcats Complex last year and after battling the fans (and the Raiders) this past Thursday – the team is ready to experience a true home field advantage.

“We are really looking forward to it,” Rory Anderson said. “The crowd was loud but supported their team well at Colgate. We are hoping for the same kind of support on Monday.”

We caught up with Anderson the day after his game-winning goal at Colgate. Click here for the interview. 

Anderson has certainly come a long way since arriving at Binghamton two years ago. We will have more on him later in the week.

America East Update

Heading into Monday’s slate of games, the nine America East teams have a combined record of 8-1-3. The lone defeat — UMBC losing 4-3 on Sunday night at perennial national power Maryland.

The same Colgate team that the Bearats beat 2-1 on Thursday night lost 2-1 to three-time defending America East champion New Hamphisre 1-0 on Sunday.

Click here for the America East Men’s Soccer website.

The Last Time it Happened…

Speaking of Colgate, the last time Binghamton improved to 2-0-0 to start the season came at Colgate back in 2017. Click here  for the recap.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: August 30, 2019

Two years ago today, Noah Luescher scored twice as the Bearcats defeated Drexel 2-1 in its season opener at the Bearcats Sports Complex. Click here for the recap. 

Luescher’s heroics made the 2019 home opener the most dramatic at the Bearcats Sports Complex. But there have been two other games that have were noteworthy for other reasons:

2007 – Cameron Keith nets the first of his two hat tricks as Binghamton beats Cornell 3-0 in the first men’s soccer game ever at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

2009 – Kyle Kucharski assists on all three goals as the Bearcats rally to beat Syracuse 3-2.

So against that backdrop – it’s time to open Binghamton’s 15th season at the Bearcats Sports Complex.

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AUGUST 27, 2021

Colgate Wrap Up


In the first fall game the Bearcats have played since the 2019 season, they dug deep to pull out a 2-1 double-overtime victory at Colgate on Thursday night. Here are some last-minute notes from a great night in Hamilton, N.Y. 

Noah Luescher

It was a great win for the group tonight! It was a great game between two good teams. Colgate was a tough opponent but I’m beyond proud of my guys to persevere and go above and beyond to get the win. It was a great way to start the season and we’ll keep building off of it.”

Will Noecker

“Im so proud of everyone for the way we played we really showed courage and heart out there. We’ll definitely celebrate this win tonight and then it’s back to business tomorrow to prepare for St. Bonaventure on Monday.”

Ethan Homler

“I’m very proud of the boys tonight. We showed a lot of resilience to keeping pushing to get the winning goal. Everyone played their part tonight and was an awesome feeling winning a match with a huge crowd in the stands again.”

Double Overtime History

There have been five previous double-overtime wins for Binghamton during its’ 21-year NCAA Division I era. Most recently, Jack Muller scored against Hartford on Oct. 13, 2017.

In checking those games, however, the Bearcats have never scored as late as the 109th minute in a match. In 2010, Tommy Klim scored in the 105th minute of the Bearcats’ 1-0 win over New Hampshire.

As far as the pre-Division I era, perhaps longtime coach Tim Schum knows that answer.

Life on the Road

This was Binghamton’s first season-opening road match since 2018 against Drexel and its first season-opening win on the road since its 2-1 triumph at Bucknell to start the 2014 campaign. 

Have a good weekend everyone.

Back on Monday for our next post – and next game.

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AUGUST 26, 2021

Opening Day

Happy Opening Day everyone!

Some last-minute things to go over before kickoff tonight….

Check out FOX 40’s report from media day on Tuesday by clicking here.

A full weekend of action in the America East Conference. In fact, all nine squads open up their seasons tonight. Check out the conference composite schedule here.

If you have yet to watch the Bearcats’ preseason hype video, click here.

For those of you not on Twitter yet – click here for the game day graphic and links for tonight’s game. We will be providing in-match up dates and video clips on our Twitter account tonight. 

Player to Watch

The America East Twitter site has Noah Luescher as a Player to Watch this season. Click here for more details.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: August 26, 2016

A good season-opening performance with a 2-1 home win over Canisius. Click here for more details!

A Final Word….

Finally, check out the recap from Binghamton’s last match at Colgate in 2017 by clicking here. Hopefully it’s a good omen for Noah Luescher and the squad tonight.

Check back tomorrow for the wrap up.

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AUGUST 24-25, 2021

Catch Up Day

Today’s update is two updates — but there is a reason for that — a lot has been going on around here.

Bearcat Open

On Monday, the men’s soccer players and coaches gathered for the annual Bearcat Open, the golf tournament in which novices and experience swingers get together.

“It’s great to be out here,” head coach Paul Marco said prior to the tournament. “It’s good to be around the competitiveness of the guys away from the soccer field. I think it will still stay competitive but there will be a lot of smiles and laughs.”

Coach Marco has played in every Bearcat Open since he arrived in Binghamton back in 2002. Prior to this year, he was on a losing team just once. As he watched the first group tee off on Monday, he felt pretty confident about his chances.

“After watching the first group of four players hit every ball in the water, I feel quite confident.”

Noah Luescher has played in the Bearcat Open in past year and has vivid memories of the event.

“My freshman year, it was a great way to get to know everyone,” he said. “I remember on the first hole one of the players lost his ball and club in the pond by the first hole. It think the club is still in the water.”

From the reports that we got, Luescher’s team upset Coach Marco’s team when a put was missed on the ninth and final hole. But when we ran into the players later that day at the Athletic Department’s Welcome Back BBQ, they were tempered in their celebration.

“We want to keep low key about it,” one player said. “Otherwise, Coach Marco will take it out on us in training tonight.”

For a group photo from the Bearcat Open, click here.

For a pre-tournament interview with Ryan Pyzska, click here.

Media Day

You’ve probably seen the complete photo and video recap of media day. If not, click here.

Some Takeaways from Media Day

– It was the hottest preseason media day we covered – and considering the cross country and volleyball teams were also doing interviews, it made for a lot of sweat by the reporters.

– Great to see Roger Neel in attendance. The longtime WNBF Morning host – and Cider Mill Donut promoter – retired from his full-time job last fall but still does freelance reporting for the station.

– Coach Marco, Luescher and P.J. Parker pointed to the strong depth and experience on this year’s team. In particular, this year’s junior class – which includes Parker – will be pivotal to the Bearcats’ chances.

This Day in Binghamton Men’s Soccer History: August 25, 2021

Noah Luescher’s first game featured a goal and an assist in the Bearcats’ season-opening 4-0 win over George Washington. Click here for the recap.

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AUGUST 23, 2021

The Conclusion of Preseason

The Bearcats ends the 2021 preseason with their second and final exhibition game on Saturday afternoon against St. Francis at the Bearcats Sports Complex. We caught up with head coach Paul Marco to get his thoughts on how the team has progressed since the preseason:

“I think we are still a massive work in progress. The guys have really come together quite nicely. I think everyone has identified with a role and this early in the season that is pretty good.”

“We still have a long way to go and a lot to build on but I really like the way the guys are embracing the coaching and embracing each other and trying to push each other to higher levels.”

“There is lots of potential in this group and I just want to keep closing the gap and try and get closer to it.”


Back in 2008, Justin Leskow – a senior on the Binghamton that year – coined the term “Fernufel” to describe close-range goals that come out of chaotic plays. That describes the first goal that the Bearcats scored against St. Francis on Saturday. Between Ethan Homler and Matt Cozetti, it was difficult to tell which one of them scored.

When we asked assistant coach Tommy Moon after the match about the goal – he immediately referenced the “fernufel” term and said it was either one of those players.

Coach Marco wasn’t so sure.

“We can check for that when we check the game video at Leskow’s house,” he said.

We checked with Cozetti afterwards for his thoughts.

“On paper, Ethan did get the official goal,” he said. “I’m not going to say my shot wasn’t going in but Ethan finished it off and if it goes in, it goes in.”

Fair enough.

Click here to get Cozetti’s thoughts on the match as a whole and how the Bearcats have progressed this preseason.

Finally, check out these photos from our match against St. Francis on Saturday.

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AUGUST 20, 2021

In the Pros

Since 2013, we have been tracking Binghamton men’s soccer alum Jake Keegan, who has been playing professional soccer during that stretch.

Keegan graduated from Binghamton in December 2012, after scoring 28 goals during his career. In his senior season (2012), he netted 11 goals and was named both first-team all-conference and third-team all-region.

Keegan career has taken him to Galway, Ireland and Edmonton, Alberta. Last season, he helped lead Greenville F.C. to the USL League 1 title. This season, he is in Madison, Wisc., playing for Madison F.C.

Click here for Keegan’s bio.

Click here for a recent photo of him. 

And finally, click here for the video of his game-winning goal for the Bearcats against New Hampshire back in 2012!

From the Vault

Courtesy of Bearats Vault – a historical photo site – here is Coach Marco greeting fans before the Bearcats’ 2009 season opener against Syracuse.

Next Week

It’s opening week with a lot of ground to cover – check back then and have a good weekend.

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AUGUST 19, 2021


In between training sessions today, the men’s soccer team took part in a series of videos for the upcoming season. They either were grouped in pairs to see how well they knew their teammates, had the task of drawing one of their teammates or took part in a game of “This or That”

Click here for some photos from that session.

During a break in the video session, we caught up with Ethan Homler to talk about the second week of preseason, including Tuesday’s scrimmage. 

Click here for the link to the interview.

Looking Ahead

The men’s soccer home game against Stony Brook on Sept. 25 isn’t just the conference opener for the Bearcats – it is also part of Binghamton University’s Family Weekend festivities. Click here for the full schedule.

The last time the Bearcats played a game on family weekend was their epic 2-1 win over nationally-ranked New Hampshire before a sold out crowd at the Bearcats Sports Complex in 2018. Click here for the recap of that event.

Opening Night

Finally — good luck to the BU women tonight at Siena. Click here for the live stats link.

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AUGUST 18, 2021

Odds and Ends

Not much taking place today – with the Bearcats’ first scrimmage of the preseason yesterday and a recovery day today. Still, here’s a few things to pass along.

Click here for photos from yesterday’s scrimmage against Monroe CC.

We caught up with Sean Molloy before yesterday’s kick around to talk about the progress the squad has been making during the preseason. Click here for his comments.

Yesterday’s scrimmage wasn’t a ticketed event – but it did draw some of the Bearcats’ loudest fans – the Binghamton women’s soccer team. Known for making their presence felt during big home victories in the past, the women were in mid-season form yesterday. Click here for a photo of them during the match.

Speaking of the Binghamton women’s soccer team – they open up their 2021 season at Siena tomorrow. Click here for a season preview.

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AUGUST 17, 2021

Staying in the Game

Noah Luescher’s summer took him down to the Washington D.C. area instead of home to his native Switzerland. For the second time in three summers, he was part of a developmental program geared towards improving his game.

“I was down in Virginia playing with Loudon United,” he said. “They are a USL champions team and I was able to train with them during the summer which was a great experience. They are a very good team so I learned a lot as a player. It was great for me to see what it was like playing in a pro experience.”

Two years ago, Luescher was in Des Moines, Iowa, playing with the Menace of USL League 2. Unlike two seasons ago, he was unable to actually play in any games with Loudon United.

“It was definitely different not being able to play in matches this time but it was still great for me to see how professionals train and play.”

Being from overseas, Luescher relished being close to the nation’s capital.

“It was great,” he said. “I visited Washington D.C. a few times and I lived with Kosta Nika for the summer. I enjoyed it very much.”

One part of being in the Washington D.C. area that Luescher did not enjoy were the cicadas. The swarm of insects, which come out every 17 years, were in full force when he was down there.

“I did not enjoy them at all,” he said. “They were loud.”

The Scarves are Back

Luescher was part of a photo shoot today promoting the Bearcat Season Ticket Scarf package. Click here for more details.

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AUGUST 16, 2021

Glad to be Back

All of the Bearcat players are glad to be back for preseason this year – after having last fall postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For junior forward Oliver Svalander, however, this fall has an extra reason for him to be grateful.

After being named to the America East All-Rookie Team in 2019, he was out all last spring due to an injury. Now he healthy and extremely thankful for another opportunity to compete.”

“I am very grateful to be back,” he said. “I am feeling strong and worked out a lot over the summer and I haven’t lost my touch.”

Svalander recalls having trouble adjusting to the college game two preseasons ago and can see how far he has progressed since then.

“I am more ready now,” he said. “Two years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I do.”

On a less serious note, two years ago, Svalander wore a curly W hat in the same style as the Washington Nationals baseball team. He said the hat was given to him back in Sweden and had nothing to due with the baseball team. But he wore it during the year and the Nationals went on to win the World Series.

“I still have the hat,” he said. “But with how (the Nationals) are playing, it doesn’t work anymore.”

Week Two Begins

The Bearcats concluded their first week of preseason with an intrasquad scrimmage. The White Team beat the Green Team 1-0. Junior back Michael Bush was on the victorious team. Click here for his comments on the scrimmage and how the team has progressed so far.

Birthday Toss

For those of you familiar with the Binghamton men’s soccer program, you are well aware about the Birthday Toss. When a player, coaches, staffer (or in this case, a blogger) has birthday, the team flips them three times in the air. Today was the first one of the year — so we hope Devin Heanue survived the flip.

Picture Perfect Morning

Click here for a view of the early morning training session this morning. Sure beats the hot days of last week….

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AUGUST 13, 2021

Say Cheese…

In between two days of training on Friday afternoon was the Bearcats’ head shot and photo shoot session. It gave us a chance to catch up with the guys away from training and to see some of their personalities shine through with some of the poses they selected.

Click here for a gallery of some of the shots taken today.

In our chats with the players, here were some of the key takeaways we got from them.

– No matter how hot the weather is outside, the team is glad to be able to hold preseason again after the fall season being postponed last year.

– Some of last year’s newcomers reflected on not have a true preseason their first season with the team. One of them joked that he felt like a freshman again.

– For those players from the Washington D.C. area – they said the cicadas were really that bad earlier in the summer.

We caught up with Devin Heanue during the photo session to see how the team was progressing since they returned to campus on Tuesday. Click here to hear his comments.

Have a good weekend everyone – and check back Monday.

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AUGUST 12, 2021

Off We Go….

Lots to go over as well roll into preseason.

The Bearcats started with their annual tradition of helping the new players move into their dorms. Click here for photos from that event. 

We caught up with captain Noah Luescher before the move-in took place. Click here for our interview with him. 

Following the first day of preseason training, we talked with goalkeepers P.J. Parker and Mats Roorda. Click here for P.J.’s interview and here for Mat’s interview.

For our first photo gallery of the year, click here for the link for the first few training sessions.

Up next — photo day on Friday.

Check back then.

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AUGUST 11, 2021


Hello everyone.

For those of you veteran readers of the Men’s Soccer Daily Update, we missed connecting with you last year. For those of you who are new, this is a running blog thru the season that seeks to capture the many aspects of the Binghamton men’s soccer program – including links to interviews, photos and video clips.

We started this back in 2008 – and with the exception of last year, its been a great 13 years staying connected to the men’s soccer program.

The Men’s Soccer Daily Update will have a new post each weekday throughout the season. Should something big take place over a specific weekend, we will have an additional post for that day.

In addition to our current Bearcats – the Men’s Soccer Daily Update strives to connect with the many alums who have made the program a success over the years.

The Bearcats actually reported back to campus yesterday – so we have some catching up to do tomorrow!

Until then, we hope that the Men’s Soccer Daily Update continues to be a key source of information throughout the coming season.

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