Air Jordan and Son Jeffrey Jordan Launch Crypto Fan Token Startup Heir

Air Jordan and Son Jeffrey Jordan Launch Crypto Fan Token Startup Heir

Mixhalo Makes Noise, Raises $24 Million for Its In-Venue App


Andrew Cohen

Audio streaming startup Mixhalo has raised a $24 million Series B funding round led by Fortress Investment Group. The Sacramento Kings, Buffalo Sabres and LAFC already use Mixhalo’s app—which lets in-venue fans tune into a TV broadcast’s audio commentary via headphones while they watch games from their seats.

Mixhalo was co-founded by the husband-wife musician duo of Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and violinist Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger. Mixhalo’s app can wirelessly stream audio directly from an instrument’s soundboard so fans in any seat—including the nose bleeds—can listen to audio via headphones at a concert or sporting event. Mixhalo believes its sound quality is better than what you’d hear from your seat the old-fashioned way.

“PA systems still have to send audio data over the air to your ear. Once audio leaves a speaker, it immediately starts to degrade. Mixhalo ensures that you see and hear every moment, the second that it happens, in perfect clarity,” the company wrote on its website. 

The technology has already been used at Staples Center (about to be renamed Arena) in Los Angeles, Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and at Sting concerts at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Other partnered artists include Aerosmith, Metallica and Charlie Puth.

At a series of recent Sting shows at Caesars Palace, Mixhalo gave fans noise-isolation headphones that did not entirely mute the venue’s live atmosphere.

They block out external noise while simultaneously delivering studio-quality audio direct to your ears. You’ll still feel the vibration of the bass and drums, plus we mix in just the right amount of crowd noise so the experience of being at a live show is not lost,” Mixhalo said. 

Additional investors in Mixhalo’s Series B round include speaker manufacturer L-Acoustics, Sapphire Sport, Foundry Group and Defy Partners Management. Lead investor Fortress Investment Group was founded by Spotify’s former head of music Nick Holmstén. He also owns TSX Entertainment—which will use Mixhalo at its TSX Broadway entertainment building under construction in Times Square. 

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