Canners go ahead and Eagles bounce off YIAAA football tournaments | Sports

Canners go ahead and Eagles bounce off YIAAA football tournaments | Sports

During most of the opening round of the YAIAA tournament with York Suburban on Tuesday night, the Big Ravil youth soccer team was knocking on the door in search of the first goal.

Early in the second half, Canners broke the door through the Jacob Mead header, which ultimately provided the winning margin, and advanced to the semi-finals.

“We had the ball and controlled most of the game. If you do that, you have enough shots, and if you put the ball in front of the net enough times, sooner or later the ball will come in.” Big Ravil coach Jeb Nelson said. Of performance.

Canners (19-0-0) entered the contest as the YIAAA-3 champion, and Trojans (10-4-2) finished the regular season as Y-2’s runner-up.

Big Ravil grabbed the game early on and didn’t give up throughout. The first chance was to fall to Osvaldo Rays, who shot directly above the crossbar from the left side of the York Suburban Penalty Area in just six minutes of action. Canners continued to put pressure on the waves, but a shot of Jesus Salazar, who sailed online in less than 10 minutes to play in half, really threatened the Trojan’s net.

“We thought we had a lot of opportunities early in the game, but we didn’t take advantage of it,” Nelson said. “The goalkeeper sniffed out some of them, but maybe there were some and such that we might have had to take another touch before the shot.”

The two teams drew 0-0 and came out in the second half, with Big Ravil continuing to direct midfield play. Emmanuel Eskibias had the opportunity to start scoring in the second early stage, but his shot was in the arms of a waiting suburban goalkeeper.

While they continued to threaten, Canners struggled to find the final pass needed for the opening goal. But fortunately for Nelson, his team has a secret weapon.

Thirteen minutes after the half, Big Ravil won the throw-in in the left half just outside the Trojan horse penalty area. Returning across the street, Juan Garcia made a long throw into a 6-yard box and found Mead’s waiting head, who defeated the opener.

“It was a really good pitch. I think our throw-in is definitely much better than our corner,” Meade said. “I had some close stuff in the game, but it just went out of the net. It was just a lucky arrangement and Juan made a great throw.”

Mead also praised athletic trainer Julie Davis for helping manage the leg injuries he suffered in the second half of the regular season.

From that point on, Canners were able to watch the game without much threat from Trojan horses, advance to Thursday’s semifinals, and challenge Dallastown on a site that hasn’t been announced yet.

In the first match of the night at Susquehannock, Y-3 Women’s Champion Balmdian Springs fell to Y-2 runner-up Eastern York.

The Golden Knights (13-4-1) took control early on and played most of the game’s opening spells on Eagles territory.

The pressure was rewarded in the 22nd minute when Anally’s Brenenborg noticed that he wasn’t marked in the middle of the Balmdian Springs box on a corner kick. The Knights striker touched, stiffened, and fired at the house past Eagles goalkeeper Peyton Fieser.

“Yes, we missed the mark there,” said Jeff Amon, coach of Balmdian Springs, about the goal. “That’s what it means. It’s just an error and it costs money.”

Eastern York continued to be under pressure throughout the other half, but failed to break the Balmdian Springs defense and the team halved with a score of 1-0.

The Eagles (14-3-0) seemed to come out in the second half, but were immediately rewarded when Bailey Oemig came out of the goalline scramble and shot right next to the eastern net. ..

“We had some opportunities,” Hamon said when asked if an early goal in the second half could change the game. “I couldn’t connect the ball many times because I brought it closer.”

After a while, the Knights quickly broke and found Brenenborg behind the defense, doubling the lead. The eastern attacker then avoided the rushing Fieser and stabbed the ball into the home in the 48th minute to make it 2-0.

Without hesitation, the Eagles returned just below the field and had three chances with a series of corner kicks from Omig. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they couldn’t be converted and the Knights could see the rest of the game for a shutout victory.

“This team had such a strong defense against the wings that it was difficult to get the ball back around them or back in the box,” Hamon said in the last third. He talked about the fight.

Bermuda needs to be reorganized ahead of next week’s 3-2A District Tournament to face Bishop McDavid, who was third seeded in the opening round.

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YAIAA Men’s Soccer Tournament

York Suburban 00 — 0

Big Raville 01 — 1

Goal: Jacob Mead. Assist: Juan Garcia. Shot: YS-5; B-14. Save: YS-Ty Pridgen 13 B-Rodrigo Beltran 5. Corner: YS-4; B-3.

YAIAA Women’s Soccer Tournament

Eastern York 11 — 2

Balmdian Springs 00 — 0

Goal: EY-Annalies Brenenborg 2. Shot: EY-3; BS-3 Save: EY-Madillankle 1; BS-Payton Feather 1. Corner: EY-5; BS-3

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