Dawson CC Coaches Gear Up for Another Big Year in Glendive

Dawson CC Coaches Gear Up for Another Big Year in Glendive

2020 was a tough year, but it was an incredible year for Dawson Community College Buccaneer basketball. For the first time ever, the men’s basketball team made it into the national tournament- NJCAA Division I National Tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas.

I was in Glendive recently for our statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks- and got to catch up with men’s basketball Coach Joe Peterson, along with the women’s basketball coach Romeo Lagmay, Jr to talk about the exciting year ahead.

We talked about the Montana kids on the team, what it’s like going to college in small town Eastern Montana (especially in the era of COVID-19), and if the men’s team has a shot at making the national tourney again.

Here’s the full audio:

Photo below: Aaron Flint (L) and DCC men’s Coach Joe Peterson (R) at the Reynold’s Market in Glendive in mid-September.


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I also gotta give a shout out to the Sturlaugson family in Glendive. If you love Glendive, Glendive sports, and Dawson Community College Athletics- you owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Sturlaugson family. Photo’ed below, left to right, is Aaron Flint (taking the selfie on the left), Paul Sturlaugson, Andrew Sturlaugson, and Megan Sturlaugson Coryell. Not in the photo is another great member of the family who makes it all happen: Dorothy Sturlaugson. They are the folks who make sure your sports get the attention on the airwaves.

It was great to see them in Glendive. I got to attend one of the DCC volleyball games. They even threw me on the mic for a few minutes so I could call my first game.


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