Eat the Frog Fitness: The studio for smarter, harder training

Eat the Frog Fitness: The studio for smarter, harder training


Incorporating a unique blend of convenience and quality, Eat the Frog Fitness combines the best of personal training and small group training with affordability and accessibility. Our training sessions are 55 minutes in duration and consist of unparalleled elite athlete training insights.” 

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  • 89 S Elliott Rd Suite 155, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
  • Hours: Open 24/7

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When Bryan Clay earned the silver medal in the Olympic Decathlon in 2004, he repeated this Mark Twain quote to himself: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” 

In other words, don’t put off the tough tasks, because you don’t grow by procrastinating. This quote was the inspiration behind Clay’s journey over the next four years to keep training. He won the gold medal in 2008. 

Clay, the co-founder of Eat the Frog Fitness, created a unique model for personal training in a group setting. And now its doors are open in Chapel Hill.

Eat the Frog is open 24 hours, seven days a week for both trainer-led and virtual sessions. The studio offers three types of sessions: strength, agility and cardio. But Darrick Fu, the owner of Eat the Frog’s Chapel Hill location, assures clients there is cardio in all three sessions.

The virtual sessions, held from inside the studio, allow members to come in and follow along with a trainer even if their schedules prevent them from attending live classes. The virtual sessions are held during off hours like lunchtime, in the evenings and nights, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday.

“It really makes a no-excuse situation,” Fu said. “You can always find time to get in for an hour’s workout.” 

Eat the Frog Fitness caters specifically to college students and young professionals. With rates ranging from $70 to $120 per month and no binding contract, Eat the Frog creates an ideal fitness plan for even the busiest schedules. Each membership renews monthly, but members always have the option to freeze their account.

With 20 locations across the country, a membership at one Eat the Frog studio allows members to train at any location, easily booking classes through the app.

While Eat the Frog joins plenty of other studios in Chapel Hill, their personal training model sets them apart from the rest.

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“We’re all about helping people achieve their goals,” Fu said. “We track progress through fitness assessments every eight weeks and we contractually guarantee results for a person who is exercising at least three times a week.”

It’s no secret that personal training is expensive. Eat the Frog takes that model and makes it cost-efficient and results-driven. By splitting the costs of personal training among a group, it allows members to make the most of training resources without breaking the bank.

“Eat the Frog’s fitness program is state-of-the-art, both in terms of the use and infusion of technology, but also in bringing an athlete-designed, science-based fitness program to people like you and me,” Fu said.

Rob Parker, owner and general manager, says Eat the Frog changes the fitness game for college students. By teaching proper technique and giving a full, eight-week program, Eat the Frog makes it easy for students to add a workout regime into their lives.

“No matter what your goal is, we fit it,” Parker said. “Why not release the stress of college in a healthy way?”

Beyond the proven benefits, Eat the Frog gives members a network full of individuals pushing themselves and working hard. Not only are clients getting stronger, they show up every day as part of a team.

“Everyone here is working to improve themselves,” Parker said. “The people here will motivate you. That’s the kind of community we build.”

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