El Paso Chihuahuas Pay Tribute to Mexico With Lotería Jerseys

El Paso Chihuahuas Pay Tribute to Mexico With Lotería Jerseys

Tonight marks the start of the final five home games for the El Paso Chihuahuas 2021 season. It has been the worst season record-wise for the Triple-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, since El Paso is 46-74. However, Triple-A West begins their “Final Stretch” tonight, where all records are reset. Every Triple-A team will play 10 games to crown a “Final Stretch” champ. The Chihuahuas will host Sugarland tonight through Monday and then they will travel to Oklahoma City to wrap up the 2021 season.

Despite a season that saw their manager resign about five weeks ago, MountainStar Sports Group has packed the final five home games with promotions that will include a special jersey auction tomorrow night.

The jersey, designed by Chihuahuas graphic designer Ilene Serna, features 54 Lotería cards iconic to the Chihuahuas brand, the game of baseball, and El Paso. Featured cards include La Pelota (the ball), El Dizzy Bat (a popular in-game contest), and El Rally Towel. The sleeves are blue with a white plaid design that is visible on the backs of traditional Lotería cards. Lotería is a Mexican card game, similar to bingo, but uses pictures instead of numbered cards.

The Lotería jerseys went on auction yesterday and they will be up for bids through the final out Friday night at the end of the GECU Bark At The Park game. Proceeds benefit the Chihuahuas Foundation with net funds raised benefiting area non-profits. This auction is tax exempt. To participate in the jersey auction, text “BID” to 844-311-5007.

If fans are not lucky enough to win a Lotería jersey, the team will sell 250 limited edition Lotería sets for $25, which feature all 54 cards and 20 player cards. Those sets will be available for purchase at the Social Square behind Section 112, and those proceeds will also benefit the Chihuahuas Foundation.

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