#FAWSL / FAWC: Transfer Watch – Summer 2021

#FAWSL / FAWC: Transfer Watch – Summer 2021

Japan’s Mana Iwabuchi joined Arsenal from Aston Villa. (Photo: Yohei Osada via Imago)

Our regularly updated summer transfer window list shows moves involving Barclays FA WSL and FA Women’s Championship players.


Connie Scofield joins Leicester City from Birmingham City, Crystal Palace have added former Charlton Athletic skipper Grace Coombs and ex-Spurs and London Bees midfielder Sophie McLean.


Player – Old Club – New Club (in alphabetical order)

Asmita Ale – Aston Villa to Tottenham Hotspur
Remi Allen – Leicester City to Aston Villa
Anna Anvegård – Rosengård to Everton
Freda Ayisi – London City Lionesses to Lewes
Rinsola Babajide – Liverpool to Brighton & Hove Albion (loan)
Sophie Baggaley – Bristol City t0 Manchester United
Kallie Balfour – London City Lionesses to Lewes
Kirsty Barton – Brighton & Hove Albion to Crystal Palace
Molly Bartrip – Reading to Tottenham Hotspur
Emily Batty – Sheffield United to Nottingham Forest
Agnes Beevor-Jones – Chelsea to Bristol City (loan)
Fran Bentley – Manchester United to Bristol City (loan)
Nathalie Björn – Rosengård to Everton
Hannah Blundell – Chelsea to Manchester United
Gemma Bonner – Manchester City to Racing Louisville
Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah – Everton to Aston Villa
Sophie Bradley-Auckland – unattached to Sheffield United
Courtney Brosnan – West Ham United to Everton
Georgia Brougham – Everton to Leicester City
Lauren Bruton – Reading to Charlton Athletic
Faye Bryson – Bristol City to Reading
Megan Campbell – Manchester City to Liverpool
Danielle Carter – Reading to Brighton & Hove Albion
Lia Cataldo – Leicester City to Bristol City
Cho So-Hyun – West Ham United to Tottenham Hotspur
Jess Clarke – Liverpool to Sheffield United
Maeve Clemaron – Everton to Tottenham Hotspur
Charley Clifford – Charlton Athletic to Crystal Palace
Georgia Clifford – Crystal Palace to Watford
Hannah Coan – Everton to Blackburn Rovers
Grace Coombs – Charlton Athletic to Crystal Palace
Leanne Cowan – London City Lionesses to Crystal Palace
Yana Daniels – Bristol City to Liverpool
Kenza Dali – West Ham United to Everton
Izzy Dalton – Brisbane Roar to Lewes
Rianna Dean – Tottenham Hotspur to Liverpool
Chloe Dixon – Sheffield United to Blackburn Rovers
Tyler Dodds – Napoli to Sunderland
Natasha Dowie – AC Milan to Reading
Toni Duggan – Atletico Madrid to Everton

Toni Duggan rejoins Everton
Toni Duggan returns to the WSL with Everton. (Cristiano Mazzi/Sports Press Photo)

Liz Ejuopi – London City Lionesses to Durham
Charlie Estcourt – London Bees to Coventry United
Gemma Evans – Bristol City to Reading
Lisa Evans – Arsenal to West Ham United (loan)
Aimee Everett – Leicester City to Crystal Palace
Sarah Ewens – Celtic to Birmingham City
Millie Farrow – Leicester City to Crystal Palace
Georgia Ferguson – Arsenal Academy to Watford
Olivia Fergusson – Leicester City to Coventry United
Anna Filbey – Tottenham Hotspur to Charlton Athletic
Mel Filis – London Bees to West Ham United
Charlotte Fleming – Leicester City to London City Lionesses
Emma Follis – Aston Villa to Charlton Athletic
Flo Fyfe – London City Lionesses to Watford
Aurora Galli – Juventus to Everton
Carly Girasoli – Rangers to London City Lionesses
Hannah Godfrey – Tottenham Hotspur to Charlton Athletic
Abbi Grant – Birmingham City to Leicester City
Mollie Green – Birmingham City to Coventry United
Benedicte Håland – Bristol City to Selfoss
Hannah Hampton – Birmingham City to Aston Villa

Hannah Hampton has joined Aston Villa
Hannah Hampton moves across to Aston Villa. (Orlah Malone-Gardner/Sports Press Photo via Imago)

Rio Hardy – Apollon Limassol to Coventry United
Naomi Hartley – Sheffield United to Coventry United
Yui Hasegawa – AC Milan to West Ham United
Amelia Hazard – London Bees to Lewes
Eleanor Heeps – Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur
Eleanor Heeps – Tottenham Hotspur to Blackburn Rovers (loan)
Megan Hornby – Manchester United to Blackburn Rovers
Carla Humphrey – Bristol City to Liverpool
Mana Iwabuchi – Aston Villa to Arsenal
Angharad James – Reading to NC Courage
Lauren James – Manchester United to Chelsea

Chelsea's new signing, Lauren James
Lauren James adds to Chelsea’s formidable forward line. (Photo: Zac Goodwin via Imago)

Rianna Jarrett – Brighton & Hove Albion to London City Lionesses
Simran Jhamat – Lewes to Bristol City
Tang Jiali – Shanghai Shengali to Tottenham Hotspur
Melissa Johnson – Sheffield United to Bristol City
Nat Johnson – Sheffield United to Coventry City
Emma Jones – Lewes to Portsmouth
Emma Kelly – Birmingham City to Sunderland
Juliette Kemppi – London City Lionesses to Växjö DFF
Cherelle Khassal – Crystal Palace to Portsmouth
Leanne Kiernan – West Ham United to Liverpool
Tinja-Riikka Korpela – Everton to Tottenham Hotspur
Ava Kuyken – Florida Gators to Bristol City
Anna Leat – Georgetown Hoyas to West Ham United
Lee Geum-min – Manchester City to Brighton & Hove Albion
Ellie Leek – Lewes to Blackburn Rovers
Alisha Lehmann – West Ham United to Aston Villa
Jenna Legg – Charlton Athletic to Watford
Kristine Leine – Reading to Rosenborg
Lucia Leon – Tottenham Hotspur to Real Betis
Heidi Logan – Birmingham City to Lewes
Vicky Losada – Barcelona to Manchester City
Chloe McCarron – Birmingham City to Glentoran
Rebecca McKenna – Linfield to Lewes
Sophie McLean – London Bees to Crystal Palace
Abbie McManus – Manchester United to Leicester City
Frida Maanum – Linkopings to Arsenal
Ruby Mace – Arsenal to Manchester City
Jasmine Matthews – Bristol City to Liverpool
Keri Matthews – Sheffield United to Arizona State University
Leonie Maier – Arsenal to Everton
Aoife Mannion – Manchester City to Manchester United
Ellie Mason – London City Lionesses to Lewes
Sarah Mayling – Birmingham City to Aston Villa
Melis Mehmet – Arsenal Academy to London City Lionesses (dual contract)
Beth Merrick – Coventry United to Wolverhampton Wanderers
Lara Miller – Manchester United Academy to Lewes
Ffion Morgan – Crystal Palace to Bristol City
Emily Murphy – Chelsea to University of North Carolina
Satara Murray – FC Austin Elite to Bristol City
Jamie-Lee Napier – Chelsea to London City Lionesses
Charlotte Newsham – Blackburn Rovers to Sheffield United

Aniek Nouwen to join Chelsea
Chelsea newcomer Aniek Nouwen

Anike Nouwen – PSV Eindhoven to Chelsea
Brooke Nunn – London Bees to London City Lionesses
Chloe O’Connor – Cardiff Met to Bristol City
Maz Pacheco – West Ham United to Aston Villa
Lucy Parker – UCLA to West Ham United
Nikita Parris – Lyon to Arsenal
Gracie Pearse – Crystal Palace to Tottenham Hotspur (loaned back to Palace)
Jade Pennock – Sheffield United to Birmingham City
Chloe Peplow – Tottenham Hotspur to Reading
Molly Pike – Everton to Leicester City
Charlotte Potts – Hibernian to Sunderland
Ella Powell – Charlton Athletic to Bristol City
Ylenia Priest – London City Lionesses to Watford
Jemma Purfield – Bristol City to Leicester City
Louise Quinn – Fiorentina to Birmingham City
Sophie Quirk – Reading to Charlton Athletic
Laura Rafferty – Brighton & Hove Albion to Southampton FC
Emily Ramsey – Manchester United to Birmingham City (loan)
Hayley Raso – Everton to Manchester City
Grace Riglar – Leicester City to Coventry United
Vilde Bøe Risa – Sandviken to Manchester United
Georgia Robert – London Bees to Sheffield United
Lisa Robertson – Celtic to Birmingham City (loan)
Amy Rodgers – Liverpool to London City Lionesses
Jill Roord – Arsenal to Wolfsburg
Deanne Rose – Florida Gators to Reading
Jane Ross – Manchester United to Rangers
Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir – KIF Örebro to Everton
Cecilía Rán Rúnarsdóttir – Everton to KIF Örebro (loan)
Leeta Rutherford – Crystal Palace to Southampton FC
Ebony Salmon – Bristol City to Racing Louisville
Cecilie Sandvej – FC Fleury to Birmingham City
Meaghan Sargeant – Birmingham City to Aston Villa
Connie Scofield – Birmingham City to Leicester City
Molly Sharpe – Durham to Crystal Palace
Khadija Shaw – Bordeaux to Manchester City

Man City' new signing, Khadija Shaw
Manchester City new Jamaican international forward, Khadija Shaw

Jess Sigsworth – Manchester United to Leicester City
Libby Smith – Leicester City to Birmingham City
Mia Smith – Bristol City to Watford
Simone Boye Sorensen – Bayern Munich to Arsenal
Georgia Stevens – Coventry United to Länk FC Vilaverdense
Amber-Keegan Stobbs – Crystal Palace to Watford
Abbey-Leigh Stringer – Everton to West Ham United
Elisha Sulola – Tottenham Hotspur to Charlton Athletic
Kyah Simon – PSV Eindhoven to Tottenham Hotspur
Amelie Thestrup – Liverpool to PSV Eindhoven
Lucy Thomas – London City Lionesses to Coventry United
Martha Thomas – West Ham United to Manchester United
Tyler Toland – Manchester City to Celtic
Amy Turner – Manchester United to Orlando Pride
Chioma Ubogagu – Real Madrid to Tottenham Hotspur
Danielle van de Donk – Arsenal to Lyon
Justine Vanhaevermaet – LSK Kvinner to Reading
Charlotte Wardlaw – Chelsea to Liverpool (loan)
Lisa Weiss – Aston Villa to Wolfsburg
Charlie Wellings – Bristol City to Celtic
Amy West – Aston Villa to Nottingham Forest
Sophie Whitehouse – Birmingham City to Bristol City
Katie Wilkinson – Sheffield United to Coventry United
Georgia Wilson – Bristol City to AaB Kvinder
Nina Wilson – London City Lionesses to Sheffield United
Siri Worm – Tottenham Hotspur to Eintracht Frankfurt
Zaneta Wyne – Glasgow City to West Ham United
Megan Wynne – Bristol City to Charlton Athletic
Tameka Yallop – Klepp IL to West Ham United

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