Get to Know Erin O’Reilly, Women’s Soccer

Get to Know Erin O’Reilly, Women’s Soccer

Washington College Athletics Q&A:Women’s Soccer senior forward Erin O’Reilly
By: Athletic Communications Student-Assistant Dominic Rapposelli 

The Northborough, Mass. native leads the Shorewomen with eight points on three goals and two assists prior to Saturday’s game at Muhlenberg. The Algonquin Regional prouduct led the team in goals (four) and points (nine) and had one assist while making 12 starts in 15 games played in 2019

You have had a fast start this season, what do you attribute to your fast start? 

“I definitely think the positivity of our team coming into the new year. After not being able to play the past season, everyone was just excited to be back on the field together. I took the time to train on campus over the summer with my roommate and continue lifting, showing up to practices or clinics that we had over the summer.” 

Do you think you have good chemistry in the locker room? 

“Yeah, I think so. I think that our coach really emphasizes a family type of atmosphere and relationship between the players. I know that we do a lot of things at our coach’s house to bond and we spend a lot of time together whether it is on the field or off the field.” 

 Who do you look up to in the sport? Who is your role model? 

“I wouldn’t say I have a famous role model; I think I look up to my brother the most, he played college soccer. Also, my dad. He was a soccer coach. He never really played soccer but he had really good insight on everything.”  

What other things have you worked on this offseason? 

“Usually, during the summer, I think it’s mostly based on fitness, just getting touches on the ball. I was doing a lot of walking and running, high intensity training. Obviously, on the side, a lot of lifting to make sure we prevent injuries.” 

Were you affected at all by the fact that the pandemic has put us on lockdown?  

“Yes, our gym shut down… So I would basically just go down to the field with some friends and did a lot of running by myself.” 

How long have you been playing soccer?  

“I have been playing soccer since I was about five, so about sixteen or seventeen years.” 

After sixteen years, what keeps you so competitive? 

I think sports has always been a really important thing in my life. It has always kept me really motivated and structured. I love to work out, so having a sport you love to play and working out at the same time is really beneficial for not only physical health but mental health as well.” 

What is your major and what do you like to do outside of soccer? 

“I am a biology major with a chemistry and public health minor. Outside of the sport, I actually intern with the strength and conditioning guys, Nick Triano and Josh Brown. I work with them and am trying to pursue a career in the health industry whether it is nutrition or lifting. I really like to just work out.” 

Do you have any additional post-graduate aspirations? 

“My goal is to go to a graduate program that has kinesiology. (study of the body’s movement). I want to get my masters in kinesiology to hopefully be a strength trainer and supplement that with a nutrition certification that I already have.”   

How did you hear about Washington College being from Massachusetts and what do you really like about it? 

“I heard about Washington through my high school soccer coach. His daughter had looked here and other schools, so he recommended that I check it out since I was still interested in playing soccer. I actually had two major injuries in high school, so I wanted to keep going and redo the years that I missed almost. I heard about it through him and then I contacted coach Riley and came down for a visit. When I came, I really liked the soccer family atmosphere that they had showed. Everyone sat down at lunch together, everyone lived together, it was a really nice atmosphere to be in and I really loved being on a team so it made it easier to transition to college.” 

You mentioned you had two major injuries. Would you like to share what they were? 

“I had both my ACL’s (anterior cruciate ligament) repaired in high school so back in the end of freshman year and again the summer going into junior year, so I really missed three years of high school soccer.”  

Finally, what do you think it is going to take for the soccer team to have a successful season?  

“I think that so far we have been working really hard throughout preseason and the first few games so definitely continue to work hard through practices. Also trying to find the best combination of players that we can put onto the field. I know that our coaches are still working on finding out who meshes well and who works well together while on the field and how we can help each other perform better.” 





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