“Humble”: The Demirjans in preparation for the grand opening of the UI Soccer Park | University-Illinois

“Humble”: The Demirjans in preparation for the grand opening of the UI Soccer Park | University-Illinois

Champaign-Illini Women’s Soccer Team will set up an oversized cheering section today when naming a new field in the sparkling Demirjan Park.

Take it from the name of the facility.

“I know my whole family is coming,” said Karademir Janhas (1992 class), lead donor and Decatur business executive. “We keep asking if it’s okay to bring people.”

Demiljanhas had previously made a motivational speech to Janet Rayfield’s team, but today’s 4 pm home opener to North Carolina has had his family directly involved with Ilini since the pandemic began and the stadium was completed. Offer the first opportunity.

“I make you think of goose bumps about it,” she said.

It’s been three and a half years since Demirjian Huss and his brother Richard joined athletic director Josh Whitman on campus to announce a $ 7 million lead gift to a family-named complex.

But, as Demirjian Huss says, the donation was “not to give our name to the building.”

“Yes, it’s cool. It’s humble above all,” she said. “I went back to student athletes and saw their faces and pride when they first made the news many years ago.”

Last semester, Demirjian Huss was able to watch a video recording of UI soccer, track, and cross-country athletes emitting their first beam in their new home.

According to her, the park is all about “connectivity.”

This includes two soccer fields (one for practice and one for games), dual stands, and a refurbished athletics stadium, which together take about four minutes for all UI athletes. Serve 1

There are sports medicine facilities, home and away locker rooms, coach offices and academic spaces for athletes to “study and compete in one place”.

And, of course, given the family background, Demirjian Huss is the founder and president of DCC Marketing and the vice president and marketing director of T / CCI Manufacturing for her family in Decatur.

“We find many connections between being an entrepreneur and being an athlete,” Demirjan said. “The tendency of hard work, the philosophy that mistakes are an opportunity to learn and focus more on the laser, the idea of ​​always being flexible, the love and thrill of competition, and the people who support us along the way. I am grateful. “

Demirjian Huss can prove that athletes are making a successful transition to the workforce. That’s what she wants from applicants.

“They are motivated and motivated, and the belly-burning passion they have, they are the type we seek from our employees,” she said.

The same beliefs are reflected in the facility’s donor walls. This is one of Demirjian Huss’s favorite design details. The entire facility and refurbishment cost about $ 27 million to bear fruit.

Demirjan had a lot of creative views on stadiums and parks, and realized the project “hand in hand” with athletic clubs and architects, as the family did at an indoor golf facility that opened in 2007.

“They made us part of the whole process, which really made sense for our family,” she said.

Demirjians envisions this space being used for external training, travel football and track meetings, bringing cash to a wider community.

According to Demirjian Huss, this is not only an investment in athletes, but also a vote of trust in the coaching staff.

“We believe in them and what they are doing, and how they are leading,” she said, Rayfield, men’s golf coach Mike Small, cross-country and athletics coach Mike. He talked about Turk.

At today’s festival, several Irini women’s soccer alumni, including Jill Ellis (the first head coach and former coach of the US Women’s National Team), will be honored in half-time to celebrate the team’s 25th anniversary.

“Humble”: The Demirjans in preparation for the grand opening of the UI Soccer Park | University-Illinois

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