It’s A Family Affair At Miramar College, As Mom & Son Both Play on Athletic Teams – NBC 7 San Diego

It’s A Family Affair At Miramar College, As Mom & Son Both Play on Athletic Teams – NBC 7 San Diego

When watching the Miramar College women’s soccer team play, keep your eye on number 25 Brandi Mitchell.

“Brandi is amazing,” says her teammate Emily Hernandez.

Miramar midfielder Daisy Avila goes a step further, “She’s so good, she is honestly one of the best players I have met and I’ve had the privilege to play with.”

Brandi’s soccer skills separate her, as does her age.

You see, Brandi is 45 years old.

Most college soccer players are 18, 19, 20 years old, but Brandi is more than twice as old as the players she’s competing against.

Her 27 years younger teammate, Hernandez, says this just proves that “age is nothing but a number.”

Avila is amazed every time she practices or plays a game with Brandi, saying she “plays like she’s 18! She’s down to get dirty and that’s what I love about her.”

Brandi is just soaking all this in.

“Every single day I think this is so unbelievable and amazing. It’s really that never too old, never too late concept.

So how did a 45 year-old get to playing on a community college soccer team?

A lifelong soccer player and an age advocate, Brandi really started getting into soccer again during the pandemic.

She knows Miramar coach Stephanie Beall and, just for fun, began working out with the team.

It turns out, Brandi still had college eligibility and there was actually an open spot on the team. So, she signed up for classes of Miramar and a day before the first official practice Brandi had a decision to make.

Brandi says it wasn’t that hard of a decision.

I have to do this. I have to! I talk all the time about being an age advocate and standing up for what it means to age actively and I have to be able to prove to myself that I am not going to back off of this opportunity.”

And now a few weeks into the season, she’s doing it.

It is amazing. I am having so much fun.”

Not only is she having fun, she’s excelling on the field, which puts aside all those soccer mom jokes and reinforces the fact that she’s a true member of the Miramar team and not the so called “team mom.

“It was really important to me to not frame myself as like I am a mom out here.”

While she’s not seen by her teammates as a mom, Brandi is an actual mom.

Maverick Mitchell is Brandi’s son and he’s a pretty good athlete too.

So good in fact, that’s he plays water polo at, you guessed it, Miramar College.

How cool is that?

Mom on the soccer team, son on the water polo team.

Brandi calls it “extraordinary!”

Maverick says “it’s insane.”

Maverick plays it low key, but you can tell this means a lot to him.

I’m definitely super proud of her. Like, I would have never seen her doing this. I’ll definitely remember this for a long time.”

Not only do they see each other on campus, they have an online class together. The class is Microsoft Excel, an accounting class.

And now, the parent -child homework dynamic is turned because one time Maverick got to tell his mom to do her homework.

“Yeah, it felt good. That was good. It’s about time,” says Maverick when asked about reminding his mom to do her homework.

Brandi is cherishing this special time in her life, while also acknowledging it’s a unique parenting opportunity to show her son that parents aren’t perfect.

“There are so many times as parents that kids need to see us as mentors and examples and that we do everything right, but for him to see that I make mistakes too, have bad training days, forget to my homework, there’s something about that, that is very connecting for us.”

Mom and son, Brandi and Maverick Mitchell, making school and sports a family affair at Miramar College

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