Maryland Athletics 2021 Hall of Fame Spotlight: Erin Taylor Blount

Maryland Athletics 2021 Hall of Fame Spotlight: Erin Taylor Blount

Taylor credits her mother and father, both of whom are still alive, for her success on the pitch. They nurtured her gifts from a young age and allowed her to make the choices that would dictate her life’s path.

All of that led Taylor to College Park, where after her redshirt year, she stepped into the starting lineup and never looked back.

The star defender has always been a player who didn’t crave the spotlight and always highlighted her teammates.

The game that epitomized Taylor’s leadership skills came in a 1994 contest against Southern Methodist University. The Mustangs opened up a staggering 4-0 lead against the Terps, and when everyone was at their lowest, Taylor refused to let them quit.

She told her teammates that they were going to win that game and they just needed to believe it before they went out did it.

Taylor’s words got through as the Terps reeled off five straight goals and stunned the Mustangs to win 5-4. That game was a microcosm of Taylor’s career as she was the quintessential leader that the team needed. 

“I always tried to lead by example, but sometimes you have to speak up,” Taylor said. “That game was so funny in hindsight because I don’t know if I actually thought we were going to win. I just wanted us to compete for the whole game and just let the result be what it was. Winning that game said a lot about who we were and about where the program was going.”

With how special her time in College Park was, it was far from a sure thing when she was a recruit. 

Having not grown up in the age of social media, Taylor had to rely on word of mouth for her recruiting journeys. The Florida native toured several different schools and wasn’t sure if Maryland was the right place for her. 

It was only until the culture at Maryland won her over, with several of her future teammates being friends of hers from their time playing youth soccer together. 

Being a Terp ended up being one of the best decisions of Taylor’s life as she is now going into the Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame, where she will now be celebrated with her name and photo on the Xfinity Center walls for fans to see for years to come. 

“I actually have never been to the XFINITY Center, so I am very excited to go finally,” Taylor said. “When I see my photo on the wall with my name on it, I don’t know how I’ll feel. I just wish there could be an entire team photo of my teams up there. They’re the reason I’m a Hall of Famer.”

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