Maryland Athletics 2021 Hall of Fame Spotlight: Sasho Cirovski

Maryland Athletics 2021 Hall of Fame Spotlight: Sasho Cirovski

The closeness Cirovski feels with his players may only be rivalred by how he feels towards the Maryland fanbase. During his tenure, Maryland has grown into the best in-game atmosphere in all of college soccer, consistently ranking at the top of the attendance charts. The notorious student section “The Crew” is something Cirovski sees as a significant part of his legacy. 

“I always felt that we wanted to become a team that students could emotionally connect with. I wanted to be the team that you could feel, touch and relate to. We’ve created that with The Crew. They are a major part of our team. It’s a unique relationship and one I’m so proud of.”

Cirovski isn’t anywhere close to done. As one of college soccer’s most influential figures, he wants his legacy to include the implementation of a new two semester scheduling model and the building of college soccer’s crown jewel stadium in College Park.

But beyond providing sea change in his sport, building new facilities or winning trophies, Cirovski’s motivation lies in how he feels about his players and the trust they have placed in him. 

“I have young men who have entrusted me with their future. That’s a massive responsibility and my commitment to them is the same as it was in 1993. I still have the same energy, the same competitiveness and the same passion that I always had.”

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