Susanna Garcia leads Chico State Women’s Soccer to 3-1 start

Susanna Garcia leads Chico State Women’s Soccer to 3-1 start

CHICO, Calif. – Chico State Women’s Soccer is a goal-scoring machine, netting 15 goals in its first four games.

“It takes my breath away,” Junior Susanna Garcia said. “Immediate smile, arms in the air. You feel on top of the world.”

That’s the feeling forward Susanna Garcia has when she scores a goal. She’s felt that in every game this season. On Monday, the Wildcats scored 10 goals against Holy Names. Garcia said that success comes down to strong team chemistry. 

“We really care for one another and we’re always there for each other,” she said. “When it comes to those big competitions and being successful, it’s more that we got here as a team and a family. Not just selfishly thinking about it individually.”

Garcia said she’s grateful to have such a close-knit team. In fact, one of her teammates is the reason why she chose Chico State in the first place. 

“At Surf Cup, which is a really intense soccer tournament in San Diego. My teammate Sarah Emigh was on the same team as me at the time,” Garcia said. “She was already committed to Chico. When we were playing, Kim Sutton and some assistant coaches came out to watch her and they saw me. They showed interest in me.”

Susanna fell in love with the campus and the team. Since then, she’s started 36 of 40 games. The junior says she remembers the impact upperclassmen had on her when she was a freshman. Now she’s trying to create that same feeling for this year’s rookies. 

“I think having that mindset and how they’ve had such a big impact on me as a freshman, I knew I had to be that same role model for my rookies,” she said. “I think that helps with it. Also, just telling them I’ve been there, I’ve been in your shoes. I know how hard it can be. But it’s all gonna be worth it when you get onto the pitch.”

The hard work has already proven worth it. The Wildcats are 3-1. Their next game is this Thursday as they take on Dominican University.

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