The Training Trip of a Lifetime

The Training Trip of a Lifetime

Ahmed Muhumed (FSU), Gus Harquil (Seattle), Paul Stafford (FSU), Ahmed Ibrahim (BSU), Abdi Ahmed (MSU), Abdinasir Hussein (Oregon) and Silas Griffith (FSU)

When the opportunity to train with some of the most elite runners in the world in a country well-known for running presents itself, you take it.

After sitting out in 2020-21 due to injury, running in Ethiopia would be Griffith’s first time transitioning back to full training, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“Being born and raised in Ethiopia, I was entirely committed to running in my home country for the summer when the challenge arose. Training with six other NCAA Division I athletes from all over the country helped motivate me to fully invest in the experience,” Griffith recalled.

Returning to his native land after being away for 10 years and constantly being surrounded by family and familiar faces, Muhumed was reminded of the cost of commitment.

“I knew I had to make a decision,” Muhumed said.  “I could either sacrifice my summer training or come back to fall ready to do something amazing for my team.”

The decision was easy. He chose the latter.

Stafford also learned a lot about dedication during his summer in Ethiopia.

“Whenever you’re struggling to get out the door, remember your why. To train for FSU. To train for our boys,” Stafford said.

After watching track performances from the past spring season, Stafford was left feeling inspired. When he was invited by Ahmed to train in Ethiopia for the summer, he said, “I wanted to experience the famous culture and take the summer to fully commit to my training.”

He set ambitious training goals for himself and worked hard to persevere.

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