Two Coyotes Learn Valuable Lessons in Summer League

Two Coyotes Learn Valuable Lessons in Summer League

Outside of getting advice from the coaching staff, Zanin was able to learn from her teammates that were from bigger schools. 

“One thing that stood out to me was they are taught similar things that Michael teaches us at USD,” Zanin said. “They receive the ball and make a quick decision and that’s something I remember we were told at USD to do.”

She also remarked on how confident players were with the ball and how that’s something she is going to work on in the future at USD. Also playing against other players and with her teammates helped her build her confidence throughout the season.

“I wasn’t very confident at the beginning but towards the end I was getting more and more confident,” Zanin said. “Getting to know the girls and learn their style of play and getting coached by the coaching staff was a great experience and I learned a lot this past summer.”

She said that outside of learning from the players and coaches, it was nice to be able to play a full game. She was able to take the things she learned and implement them into her game during the summer. 

In a normal year, the WPSL crowns league champions, but they didn’t play as many games due to COVID-19. So instead of playing for a league title, the WPSL ranked the teams at the end of the season. Out of seven teams in the Northern Conference, Mankato United finished third. 

Zanin said that if they had a few more practices to build team chemistry that they could have competed for first place in their conference.

As for the upcoming season, Zanin doesn’t think the quick turnaround will hurt the team, she thinks it will help them more than harm them. 

“I think it’s going to help us a lot because it is still fresh in our minds,” Zanin said. “Everything that we built up in the spring should be fresh in our mind to continue into the fall. I know a lot of the players also played in summer leagues and that will be good for us also.” 

The one thing Zanin would tell someone if they were curious about wanting to join a summer league is that is an amazing experience, and you won’t regret it. 

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