Undefeated Clark women’s soccer team has bonded into a powerhouse

Undefeated Clark women’s soccer team has bonded into a powerhouse

The coaching staff hasn’t been shy in telling players about the recent history of the program, namely, the streak of NWAC South Regon titles. At first, players  were wide-eyed looking at each other upon realizing the tradition they were expected to follow, Brotnov said. Over time, they’ve embraced it. With each additional practice and game they’ve played together, the pressure has almost subsided.

“Sitting on five consecutive conference champs, you don’t want to be that team to kind of stop that,” Kallie said. “We had Peter, not pushing us, but telling us, this is what Clark is about. We wanted to continue the tradition. We wanted to be southern region champs once again, we want to win the whole thing, showing Clark just keeps getting better and better.”

As the team watched Spokane and Skagit Valley play, they thought about the position they were in. On one hand, they have fresher legs, more time to prepare and the homefield advantage. They also have yet to experience win-or-go-home stakes of Saturday’s game, whereas their opponent has.

“That feeling of uncertainty, and maybe hesitancy or fear sometimes when you realize this could end, we haven’t felt that yet,” Pickett said. “For us, it’s just making sure when Saturday comes we approach it with a bit more courage than fear or hesitancy because we haven’t felt that.”

Then again, the team has gone through a lot of firsts together this season, and so far, they’ve met each challenge.

“I think this team is going to surprise a lot of people, and I think this year is our year, for sure,” Kallie said before a brief pause. “I have a feeling.”

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