USC athletes celebrate their Latinx heritage – Annenberg Media

USC athletes celebrate their Latinx heritage – Annenberg Media

The University of Southern California has long been recognized for its performance in both academics and athletics. With many athletes coming from various ethnic backgrounds, highlighting those who identify as Latinx is a crucial part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Here is a list of some athletes who have proudly carried their flags in representation of their heritage.

1. Chris Steele

USC Football’s cornerback Chris Steele has shown his pride for his ethnic background on multiple occasions. Steele’s dad is African American while his mom is Mexican. Last year, Steele celebrated Hispanic Heritage month with a video for USC athletics where he explained his experience and pride to be hispanic. In that video he explained that during his childhood he spent some time growing up in Michoacan, Mexico with his maternal grandmother where he learned to feel proud of his dual ethnicity. With 15 total tackles this season, Steele’s skills go beyond the field as he is also fluent in Spanish and is pursuing a major in Communications.

2. Savianna Gomez

The USC Women’s soccer team have been doing phenomenal things this season reaching the first place of Pac 12 and very possibly landing their way to another NCAA title. Their team roster highlights a number of Latinas who have been doing great things for their team. Savianna Gomez, a proud Guatemalan-American, started her career at USC on the right foot scoring her second goal at an important stage; the NCAA tournament against CSU Fullerton. Adding to her accomplishments, Gomez has the experience of having played for the Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 U.S. Women’s National team.

3. Adrian Colon-Rosado

Another athlete proud of his Hispanic heritage is USC Baseball player Adrian Colon-Rosado. The redshirt sophomore is from Humacao, Puerto Rico and is currently majoring in business. During his sophomore year at USC he reached an on base percentage of 42.9%, with 54.1% being the highest measure of how often a player reaches base. Some of his career accomplishments include forming part of the Little League World Series team that represented the Caribbean in 2014.

4. Aaliyah Farmer

The list of Hispanic athletes on the USC Women’s soccer team is extensive and a specific player that deserves recognition is Aaliyah Farmer. Sharing her African American heritage from her father’s side and Mexican heritage from her mother’s side of the family, Farmer recently jumped onto the field wearing a Hispanic Heritage Month t-shirt as her team warmed up to face Colorado. Farmer has proven to be decisive on the pitch having 12 shots on goal, 2 assists and 2 goals this season. She looks to continue her major in Psychology in the years to come.

5. Helena Sampaio

In only her freshman year with the USC Women’s soccer team, her talent is evident when she jumps on the field. With one goal and one assist in her first season, the Brazilian from Porto Alegre seems to be headed towards great things with this team. She has already appeared on a World Cup roster, making an appearance during the 2018 Under-17 Women’s World Cup.

Carrying their flags with honor, these athletes continue to represent USC in a high level of competition while simultaneously representing their ethnic backgrounds in their everyday social presence. For many USC athletes this means forming part of their nation’s olympic team while for others it translates to working for change in their community. This celebration is one that continues and while it is recognized for a month, it will continue to honor the athletes of USC and everyone who identifies as Latinx.

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