Women’s soccer league concludes its third season of the year

Women’s soccer league concludes its third season of the year

Discovery Soccer Park in Illovo hosts its 5-a-side women’s soccer league which started its first of four seasons in January and will end in the first week of December.

The league currently has a first and premier division where both leagues will leave spectators hanging on the edge of their seats. The women’s soccer league has a total of 13 teams, seven of which are in the first division league.

The first division team, The Return, who is currently sitting in third place, has shown no indication of forfeiting the title of being promoted to the premier division. The team managed to win their first match of the night (September 14) but sadly lost their second in a staggering 4–9 defeat to 1 Touch Dribblers.

Jordyn Pack urges players to keep it clean on and off the 5-a-side pitch. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

The goalkeeper for The Return, Romi Maloon, expressed her deep love and passion for the sport. “So far the league has been fun and entertaining. I’ve been playing soccer my whole life and I love it, so it’s been a great experience and journey. I hope it continues.”

Jordyn Pack, club operation manager at Discovery Soccer Park in Illovo, explained how the league operates. “The league has a set of four seasons every single year. It roughly takes two and a half months for a season to finish.

“Based on the results of each season, that is when we decide which team gets promoted to the premier division and which team will get relegated to the first division. It runs throughout the entire year and it is amazing to witness.”

The end of the third season is scheduled for next week Tuesday, September 21.

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